I was going to play basketball at the bottom of this hill. The court was all dry earth like I was in the desert. Then it seemed like some Arabic man had tipped me off that there was someone dying in there and he had him out there.

I ran down to go save the man and he turned out to be Ralph Fiennes. He was in this perfect circle of water and the water had reached his nose. I pulled him out of this chair that he was strapped to and he was blue in the face. He was wearing all this Hitler clothing like if Hitler were a cartoon character. He was even wearing Hitler underwear. He told me he was doing this movie about Hitler and the man who put him there was angered by that and tried to drown him.

I don't remember what happened after that but I tried to remember that part of my dream so I could write it down later.

I was telling people in my other dreams about the Ralph Fiennes one.

I told my goat riding boyfriend Ron Weasley (yes he was my boyfriend in the dream) but he didn't care. He told me that I had told hi the story a thousand times already. He was more occupied with other things like watching a stupid Nickelodeon show with his annoying little kid friend and their super smooth silky cat.

Then there was this other dream where I was in this house with these people who were supposed to be my mom's friends. Even though they had a regular looking place, they were rich snobs. They were cooking up this weird fish that had blue meat and I found 5 dollars in the fish. They cooked the fish with corn and money. I don't know what that means but they were jerks for sure.



The first one ended like this:
There were these two people in old fashioned diving suits. They were scientists. One was a man and one was a woman. They were both in these reinforced glass tanks.
There was another scientist who was outside of the tank. He looked like the typical scientist: glasses, lab coat, frazzled hair, mad look in his eyes, weird voice.

Some how a crow got into one of the glass chambers, the one with the man in it. He killed it and its blood was everywhere. The scientist who was outside didn't know there was a crow inside of the chamber until the other one told him. He started to freak out.

The mad scientist got this axe that firefighters use and started whacking at the glass. He kept on raving about how the crow's blood could have been the cure. There must have been some detrimental disease going on. The other two scientists kept on yelling at him not to break it because either he would die from whatever was in those chambers, or they would die, I don't really know. END

The second one ended like this:
There was a tiny dam and me and some other people had broken it. Then I was taken by the water and into this desert.

The desert was so dry that the ground drank up all of the water in a second. I soon found myself walking back with no shoes to where ever I came from. I was walking back with this stranger, but I knew him and we were together. We stopped at this pile of things. I thought there would be food so I crouched down and started gathering things. All I found were tick tacks and a bunch of old papers of mine.

I kept looking through the junk and the guy left me there. END


ellen page the sewer monster

The setting was this deserted kind of carnival and by this fun house there was a woman who was being wooed by some mysterious voice. For some reason this voice was Adam Sandler. The woman some how found out that the voice was coming from this manhole and she was disgusted. She started calling for help and John Cleese was pretending to help her but instead grabbed her and threw her down the manhole.

I started to feel real claustrophobic in my dream at this point.

The woman, Nicole Kidman, landed in this sewer sludge and there was Ellen Page. She was the one who was trying to get Nicole to come down to the sewer. It turned out that Ellen wanted to marry a surface girl because her mother was forcing her to so she could continue the family line without having mostly mutated children. Her Mother->
Seriously this was her.

I was then looking through the eyes of the frightened bride to be. The first "person" I saw was this incredibly fat man. He asked Ellen if she could turn on his TV for him. He gave her this flash drive which had all the channels in it. She plugged it into the TV and he started changing the channels with his mind. Every body in the sewers were monstrous but had some sort of amazing powers.

Then I was somebody else, maybe myself, I'm not too sure. I was running through the wedding. It hadn't started yet and everybody was crowding and trying to find their seats. It seemed like we were above ground because there was light and a sky but it felt different, like it was fake or something. The whole place looked like it was above ground because there were hills and flowers and wind and heat.

I ran up this hill and I was looking for the bride. She wasn't Nicole Kidman any more. She was just a blond, she kind of looked like Cloe Sevigny. I ran past the whole wedding party. They were all wearing really light and flowing looking peasant dresses and they were all white, the people and the dresses. And they all had little yellow flowers in their hair that they had got from the hillside.

I ran up the hill to the reluctant bride and her groom (Ellen). They were going to run away from their confined lives in the sewer. I was with them but I don't think I was a person I think I was just watching them climb this hill. They were passing by this man's farm and what he grew was butter.

There were packets of butter growing from the side of this cliff. Then I woke up.



wicked fur

So bizarre

There were men who were shaped like bowling pins. They were arguing over something and they were dirty cops I just knew it.

I was a man who looked like a mime without a painted face and I hummed.

I was in a preschool/clothing store. I was looking for a guy. I found one but he was too tall.

I was an animal, with pieces of fur from another animal, laying them on dead, stuffed animals. I was very remorseful. Later I came back as a human. I was some sort of detective and I was trying to relocate the pieces of the animal. I needed to find them and leave town.

I was also looking for some shoes to wear. I found a small pair of some black ballet flats and the rest of the shoes were red high heels that I knew hurt my feet because they were always so tight.

That’s from waking up too much. But at least I was continuing my dream every time I fell back asleep.



There were these two skate boarders.

They were really beautiful. They skated in unison and they were incredibly tall. They wore clothes that looked like they were from the sixties and they both had long beautiful flowing blonde hair. The guy's name was Rainbow and I don’t remember the girl’s name. People would gather around them just to watch them skate.

I remember the girl speaking once and she has a really odd sounding voice. Rainbow never spoke.



King Arthur

I was running through this residential area with my mom and my niece. We were racing to throw something away at this giant red dumpster. I made it before them and then there were all these children there. They seemed to be in one mass moving at the same time, like they were a giant wave of children. They were just on top of this wall looking thing. It was what was left of this glass company but all the words on the sign were backwards. There was this thing sticking out of the ground. Everybody tried pulling at it but no one could get at it. I pulled it out very easily and it was this massive sword. It seriously was bigger than me, but then it started to shrink. Then it was perfect size for me. But it was weird because the sheath was a metallic oven mitt.

I wonder what it all means.


White Plastic Pyramid

First I thought it was reality. But then it was just a game.

My brother and I had either fought or befriended all these different animals, both mystical and real.

After that we found ourselves in the middle of the ocean with all these different crook/mafia guys; real big mobster kind of bosses. The sky was darkening and there was water crashing all around us because there was a storm coming. There were five different shapes: a cube, a prism, a sphere, a pyramid, and a weird shape that looked like a cluster of smaller prisms linked together. All shapes were sleek, white, and plastic, but they were very dense. Me and my brother picked the pyramid. All of the weapons had some sort of handle and two buttons on them. The master of this realm had made sure that the weapons weren't active yet because they were in such close realm of each other.

Everyone seemed to disappear except this one person who was telling everyone what the weapons would do. Other than that we were given no other instruction on how to use them. The waves became massive and the sky became darker. The ways had reached monumental heights seeming like they were going to crash on us. I could feel the water spray my face. A rogue wave had captured that announcer person and threw him to regions we didn't know of.

We opened up the pyramid. It could change shape and it had a screen. We still didn't know what to do with it, but it didn't matter because the wave has taken our pyramid. We were devastated and scared. We thought we were going to die soon and that the sea would swallow us up and no one would ever find us.

Then the waters became calmer like a regular ocean. We saw a place or an island, I can't really remember. We swam towards the land and there were all these girls there. We must have been on an island because the air was alive with the sounds of creatures and beasts. The air was hot and sticky and we were instantly covered in sweat. For some reason we weren't wet from the ocean. All of the girls seemed to be moving but I think they never did. They looked like monkeys with clothes and wigs on, but they were just covered in vines on their legs and arms and heads. We couldn't see their faces.

We came to this door which disappeared and became an opening into a bathroom. It was a horrible smell of urine that invaded our nostrils I thought I was going to vomit. The ground was disgusting, but it was just how the ground was outside, there wasn't any tile. We had to scale this bathroom wall to these windows.

We had done this before. This was the beginning of the game.

I think we grew. We couldn't fit in through the windows we had climbed through before. I remember there was this spider web around the window. It wasn't a normal web because it didn't sprawl out like normal webs do. It was in a line. On this line was a lot of particles from different plants and bees. There were a lot of bees on the web. Then I saw one move, but it wasn't a bee, it was a bee spider.

I stopped focusing in the spider and I looked out onto the world before us. It was like a zoo, but all the animals had escaped. We had to pass through this again because our pyramid was on the other side. Some of the animals were our allies, but most were our enemies. I squeezed through the window, grabbed a tree branch and fell to the floor.

All of our allies had to be repossessed and reaffirmed. I promised a hippopotamus that the swamp was all his. Then I reached my first enemy a chimera. I grabbed it by it neck but didn't know what to do after that. I had forgotten how to slay it. I knew I was in trouble and I could see a wolf ahead that was giving me more grief.

Then this world started to flicker. The bright sunny jungle zoo became my overcast drive through.

It was already one o'clock on Sunday (mother's day) and my dad had pulled up in a white truck with four doors instead of two and it had a leaf on the side of it like he was an Eco-warrior or something. He told me he got a boost mobile phone and I kept on trying to chirp him.

My brother and I remembered we had to save our game. In the game we weren't actually ourselves like I imagined it to be. Instead I was Zelda and and he was Sheik. Zelda looked like Princess Peach and Sheik looked like Mimi from Digimon, except in a bee dress with a yellow hat.

Then we were on the freeway going to our dad's house.

Then I woke up.


missing children

I’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds.

There were all these kids that were going missing. I thought I could find them by tracing them back to who I thought to be the killer. The killer was my uncle but he wasn’t really my uncle. My cousin feared for our lives because we were so close to him and I was so close to the description of the children who were going missing. I decided I was going to follow him. But then I couldn’t find my cousin. I knew he had taken her but I didn’t know where.

I was in this mall and there was this water slide. But of course this is a slide in my dream which means it doesn’t lead to where it should. I found my self in this balloon like submarine. But I wasn’t me I was my cousin. I was in her head. I saw sharks and then we submerged to this place under the water. My cousin could breathe under water and she was asking my uncle why he was doing what he was doing.

There were a bunch of bags floating all over the water. They had the heads of the kids that were missing. He took their bodies and tried to use them as his own because he had an octopus body and he wanted to be able to have a human body. It had to be a young body so it would live longer than an older body.

I don’t remember what happened after that. It was so weird..