King Arthur

I was running through this residential area with my mom and my niece. We were racing to throw something away at this giant red dumpster. I made it before them and then there were all these children there. They seemed to be in one mass moving at the same time, like they were a giant wave of children. They were just on top of this wall looking thing. It was what was left of this glass company but all the words on the sign were backwards. There was this thing sticking out of the ground. Everybody tried pulling at it but no one could get at it. I pulled it out very easily and it was this massive sword. It seriously was bigger than me, but then it started to shrink. Then it was perfect size for me. But it was weird because the sheath was a metallic oven mitt.

I wonder what it all means.

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  1. ooh a king arthur dream! well i think it means you are a hero, however i'm not sure what kind of hero you are, maybe you can be a hero among chefs with that metallic oven mitt lol