демон волк

A whole lot happened in this one:

At first it seemed like I was playing a point and click game. While I was putting some pieces together and then there was this house further back in the game it was very dark and probably evil. I was supposed to go through the house first but instead I went to the top of the roof. I clicked on this branch that was connected to the roof. It had an oil lantern on it. When I broke it off the house started shaking and I could hear something growling. I panicked and tried to put the branch back on the roof. I succeeded but the lantern was leaking oil everywhere so the branch caught on fire, which caused the roof to catch on fire, which in turn burned the whole house down. The fire was gone pretty quickly and started picking items up from the ashes. They were mostly metal things like pieces of a sword and some chain mail. I realized this fit perfectly for this Aragorn character in the game. I thought, “Since I have him and the sword nothing can defeat me now!” I said this because the growling was still around and getting closer.

Then I was no longer in the game, I was in my house. And the growling was real. I saw the beast outside my door. It was a giant wolf with grey and black fur and red eyes. It seemed as if it couldn’t enter the house. For a brief time, the wolf was gone and my dog appeared. I rushed outside and brought him into the house because I didn’t want to see him get torn to shreds by the wolf. When I was back in the house I looked across to my neighbor’s yard to see if anyone was out there. My worries soon vanished when I noticed that my neighbor’s, along with their dogs, had two lions.

Then I turned around and saw that my house changed. I was in some grand house and the people in the house were dressed all old-fashioned. The time of the day changed, too, going from dusk to the afternoon again.

There was this plump girl sitting at the end of a long table looking down at a bag of frozen peas. I looked away and looked back at her, and there was a different bag of frozen vegetables in front of her. I tried to stir her, for she was sitting in directly in the sunlight; everyone in the house was. I figured they shouldn’t be doing that since the power and water were out, so they need not put any strain on their bodies. If they sat in the sun, they would become thirstier.

I went into this other room where this man was going through a freezer. He kept on saying to himself, “We’ll have to eat the pig if we can’t find anything else to eat.” Thinking about it now, he was probably referring to the stout girl. In the room there was a square window where the sun was pouring in. I looked towards it and it started to turn dark. The wolf was there. I closed my eyes and hid, and somehow the wolf got a hold of the man and disappeared with him. (This part seems so similar to my other dream)

I knew I had to get out of that place because the people in it were unsettling, but I also knew evading the wolf was going to be a challenge. So I ran upstairs, which to my surprise turned back into my normal house. But of course, not everything was the same. My room was different and the clothes in it were not mine. The time of day changed, too. It turned back to dusk. *

I started to pack my clothes. There was somebody else that was going with me (a child), someone else who was going to help me find a guide, and then my mysterious guide. I overheard the guide that we were the kids whose parents were part of this murder/rape. This made the guide sympathetic towards us and they became willing to help us.

In the end I remember fervently trying to pack everything I could because we had to leave soon. Our guide placed a bomb somewhere in the house. The only thing I remember taking that was actually mine was a jar of coins.

*I believe these changes of day occur when I turn to and from the window in my sleep, in reality



I was with Harry Potter and three other girls. We found this house, opened up the window and saw that the only thing inside was a dollhouse. Then we heard a noise and realized what it really was; well, Harry, one of the other girls, and I knew. The girl with a red ribbon in her hair didn’t and so she was taken. There was this doll with green eyes that would take you, and probably kill you, if you looked at her. When she came we all crouched low to the floor and covered our eyes. When the girl was gone Harry looked too soon and the doll was still there. She started to take him by means of this rope/whip thing she had. But I became brave and I grabbed onto the rope, pulled her into this piece of cloth, and chucked her into this lake was next to us. The mass skipped a few times before it was swallowed up by a frog, who then flew away.


I was in some sort of dormitory with Ron Weasley, but we weren’t in Hogwarts. I was just there in his bed and every time an adult would come around I would hide underneath the covers. Then all of a sudden we kissed and I said, “What about Hermione?” He told me ever since she went to Scotland they had been drifting apart and he knew there was nothing left between them.

Thinking about this in a conscious stream, as good as this all seems, this has to be my least favorite dream


David, my brother, and I were strapped together flying around with a parachute. I kept on seeing what I thought to be a floating Ferris wheel, and told them that my mom would have a heart attack if she went on one of those. However, when we got closer to the thing, it turned out to be a sign to this amusement park. We landed and discovered that the park was closed, but the security guards let us play in it anyways. It was really just a bunch of playgrounds and playhouses, and some of them were made entirely out of legos.

Oh yeah, there was a merry-go-round there, too.

Plane Food

I was in a seat similar to those in an airplane. There were rows and rows of these seats and they had pockets in the backs of them. I looked inside my pocket and there was a packet of syringes with my name on it. My dad was in the seat next to me and I asked him what they were for, then all of a sudden my mom shows up and hands me the drugs that will be injected into me. She told me they were for me so I would stop having horrible dreams, so I would stop dreaming entirely. I started to cry and I tried to explain to her that my dreams weren’t even that bad. I was so confused and I asked my dad why this was happening and why everyone was so calm about it. He just kept on telling me that everything was alright and to just take the drugs.


Head Wounds

I was in the desert. There had been feuds going on between the Native Americans and certain white people. Most of them were on the opposing side, but there were also some on the resistance. I was in a jeep getting filled in on what was happening. There was a giant wall made out of those really tall hedges that look like trees. On one side of the hedge were giant rocks and the wilderness and there was one man standing there. He must have been a guard. On the other side there were groups of small houses. I remember seeing an old empty chicken coop, and I thought, “This is my father’s house.” That’s where we were headed, to my father’s house, a safe place to be.

But when we got there it wasn’t safe any more. There were shouts of danger approaching. It sounded like the enemy was coming from up ahead in helicopters, or that’s what the shadows looked like. I ran into one of the sheds and immediately regretted it. It was the first shed there and was probably the least safe. Then people were dropped to the ground by the helicopters and started firing at the sheds.

Then an African woman came into my shed with a gun and shot at me. She shot me in the head. I couldn’t feel the pain, but I knew I was still alive. I knew the bullet had only grazed me so I played dead and waited for her to leave. She came to my body and touched my skin. She said, “still warm.” Then she pulled out a knife. She cut a string that was around my neck and then tried to wretch this silver necklace from me. But she had to use both her hands in order to take off the clasp. So she put her knife down and in a flash I grabbed it and held it to her throat. She looked so frightened. Then someone helped me put her in this car and we started to drive off. It was so much quieter compared to the noises of the attack.

We showed her how the people she was working for didn’t even care about her. We showed her that even though they knew she was alive they would not come back for her. Then we drove back to the safe place. When I got out of the car I rushed out and ran to my family. It wasn’t really me though. This was a blond woman with a white dress with blood running from her head to her dress. She had a husband and children. They were safe and were overjoyed to see her. With tears in their eyes they held her close.

After the attack was over people started to take care of the fallen…fin