Man Oh Man Oh Man

Sensory overload this time. So many details.

Highlights would have to be:

Getting caught in a TORNADO! I was there with my family and for some reason Marla was there, too. She was sitting next to me and I was holding onto her as this giant tornado, in the woods, came spiraling towards us. We spun around in so many directions and crashed on the ground. It was wild. Everyone was all right, but we had to ditch the car and travel on foot. This scared me because there were these evil mutants {X-men kind of mutants} who were after us.

Before that happened

I had stretched this one mutant’s head inside this building, through the hallways and snapped it back between these two doors. And for some reason I was Shadow Cat. Yeah he might’ve been pissed.

Before that happened

I remember looking for my laptop. I found it upside down, in the sink, all soapy. My niece had put it in there and I was furious. In reality she would never do that because she knows it’s her source for Barbie.com. But man did it feel like a nightmare.

Man oh man too many things happened.