the animals

In the end:

There was this sea horse creature with what felt like an octopus tentacle as a tail. It was dying and I had to save it. It had swallowed a load of sand and it was whimpering and getting fainter. I turned it upside down and dumped all the sand out of it. I had to wait and pray for it to live. I was so sad. There were a lot of people and other animals around us waiting, too. Then it recovered and all was right in the world again.

All the while the song Animals by Cocorosie was playing in my mind.

Spend all my time amongst the animals

And on the tracks I would go they lead to the sea

To be amongst the animals



Emily dreams of dead Japanese generals.

One has a samurai mask and a great white mane.

The other is seems to be from WWII. he is always following the other.

They show up as ghosts in the window at night. They disappear by the time she gets there.

All they do is look out the window, one with the exaggerated face and the other with an emotionless one.

And they walk around the room, waiting for something.

All the while there is a bloodhound after her.