I was in my cousin’s house in Rowland Heights holding at least ten balloons. With these balloons I could be lifted off the ground almost to the point of flying. It was pretty exhilarating.

Then I was in a desert scene and I could see abandoned, broken down buildings in the distance. But I knew there was danger ahead. It felt kind of post apocalyptic in the air. Then a group of people and I

went running out to the buildings and were then ambushed by other people. I don’t remember making it to the buildings.

And then I was in this forest swamp place. My cousins were there. I thinkwe were camping. I was trying to find this place where I used to go swimming because there was something I needed to find there.

The last place I remember being was at these thrift stores and there were sales going on or something; it was madness. I remember now it was New Year’s Eve but for some reason people were dressed up in costumes like it was Halloween. I was trying to get a costume together at the thrift store. I worked there so I could get stuff for free. What I picked out made me look like a sailor/pinup/Victorian dame. It was an interesting costume.

And then I saw a girl I hadn’t seen in a while and wanted to find her house but her street was missing.

So strange…


“Even though it’s so beautiful, you have to leave an island sometime”

Throughout the dream I could hear Natalie Portman say this. It was like a chant that would resonate throughout my mind and all around this vast land of the island. On one side of the island was an infinite desert and that’s where Natalie and these explorers came from. On the other side was an infinite ocean. Natalie was pregnant and had short hair and I remember there was a scientist and his assistants. We were trying to find our way off, but we never did…