I was in my cousin’s house in Rowland Heights holding at least ten balloons. With these balloons I could be lifted off the ground almost to the point of flying. It was pretty exhilarating.

Then I was in a desert scene and I could see abandoned, broken down buildings in the distance. But I knew there was danger ahead. It felt kind of post apocalyptic in the air. Then a group of people and I

went running out to the buildings and were then ambushed by other people. I don’t remember making it to the buildings.

And then I was in this forest swamp place. My cousins were there. I thinkwe were camping. I was trying to find this place where I used to go swimming because there was something I needed to find there.

The last place I remember being was at these thrift stores and there were sales going on or something; it was madness. I remember now it was New Year’s Eve but for some reason people were dressed up in costumes like it was Halloween. I was trying to get a costume together at the thrift store. I worked there so I could get stuff for free. What I picked out made me look like a sailor/pinup/Victorian dame. It was an interesting costume.

And then I saw a girl I hadn’t seen in a while and wanted to find her house but her street was missing.

So strange…

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  1. Yes. But her street was missing.
    I wonder what was there in its place.