broken blue banana

I was running late for something. Later on I learned I was running late for a deadline for some class I was in. It wasn’t an art class but the thing I had to do was a bit artsy.

I wanted to grab something to eat before I did that so I started walking towards…somewhere. But then I ran into my roommate and this girl takes my laptop and starts looking through it. Then when we get to this lawn she just places it on the ground and for some reason the grass covers my laptop. I started yelling at her that someone could have stepped on it and she was stupid and things like that.

Then I was at this place called Wormies. It was somewhat of a theme park, although I didn’t get to see the attractions. I was in this restaurant/cafeteria part of the place trying to find “an inanimate object and bring it to life.” That’s what the assignment was. In the cafeteria I found a blue banana. This lady working there wanted to stop me from taking it, but I explained it to her that I needed it and she let me go. I was going to make it a blue {sad} banana, and after I accidentally ripped it open, I decided

I would tape it together and call it a blue and broken banana.

After that I was walking around what felt like Downtown Disney {but of course was “Downtown” Wormies}, and I kept seeing this couple. I could see the girl’s face and knew who she was, but I wanted to see the guys face. They were standing in front of this shop that had porcelain and glass figures and I walked into the shop and looked out the window to see his face.

I was disappointed. He wasn’t as attractive as I thought and of course after seeing his face the mystery was gone. I heard them say “A blue banana? Why didn’t we think of that?” I guess we were taking the same course and were looking around for something to animate. Then we started talking and they were describing to me this teacher we had in high school named Mr. Cruz. The teacher I was actually visualizing was named Mr. Espinoza.

Anyways, the girl went somewhere to get something and it was just me and the guy. It was really windy and he told me he thought I was pretty. And I did look rather pretty in my dream, with this cute spring dress that would catch the wind, but never go up too high.

And then a few of my actual friends came out with some cameras and took pictures of me as I did a back flip. They were really nice cameras…




I remember there was a peacock, in a very small room, in a very high apartment complex. There was water below, like a seaport. I wanted to free the peacock by throwing it out the window because it could actually fly, but I knew it was weak and couldn’t stand the danger below. There were many evil creatures dwelling below in the water and some were flying creatures but stayed low to the water, too. Most of them were different types of dragons and submarines. I don’t know who they belonged to, but they made sure everyone was in the city because apparently the ocean was the only way out. I could see them from above and I could smell the air of the sea. I was also hyperventilating, and was breathing into this weird tube.