so sad

there was a parade just for me

for doing so well in school {i could have done better}

but they spelled my last name wrong: EMILY MOOKING

so wrong

so sad


dragons 'n' goons

In the beginning I was in this mcmansion, in this room, with a bunch of goons. There was this man who was telling us what he wanted us to do. I don't really know what he was saying but I was scared to be there and so I went into another room, but they followed me there and the boss man through down these books and started to yell. I thought he was yelling at me because I thought he figured me out. See I was supposed to be some spy. But I was feeling real nervous because I felt too close to the operation.

Then some how I was on top of this building but it was really just a bunch of stacked mattresses and comforters. I was there with a couple of the goons and for some reason my aunt and uncle were there. They were drunk because they were eating this sandwich that was soaked in wine. In front of us there was this game happening but I wasn't paying attention because I was trying to keep my eye on the boss man who was on this balcony under the score board. I was also communicating to this woman who was affiliated with the boss man and she was telling me that he uses her and stuff like that.

Then I found myself on this field where this man was holding this flashlight. There were lightning bolts coming out of the flashlight that were streaming towards this massive dragon. That was the secret weapon. That was the reason why I was spying.

Turns out there was this competition going on that was kind of like the goblet of fire. It was kind of like it where there were dragons and fighting and different teams I guess.

So I was on the opposing team and I was running towards my locker room. Then all of a sudden two of my cousins were there and they wanted me to get them into them game because they were being denied admission. One of my cousins was a guy and he got a towel and started rubbing it on his head so he could sneak in through the girl's bathroom.

I was running late so someone had my usual room, but my bag was still there. I got it and started to change near this line of peach colored washers and dryers. I was also talking to someone about the opposing teams plan to release that humongous dragon. I was telling them that little did the other team know but we had our own dragons. They were smaller but much more agile, acquainted with us, and so much more obedient. As I was telling this mystery person the plans, I was envisioning the dragons attacking and the scene looked magnificent. I was also telling them that we had to some how take away that magical flashlight that was controlling the dragon because then it would fly away or start attacking. Either way we were going to win.

I started to put on my armor when I remembered that I was supposed to be the princess that night. It seemed like this whole thing was some sort of show but it was also a serious and deadly things. Things were scripted but people could get hurt and I knew this. The audience didn't.

As I was saying I was the princess that night. The princess would always be a girl who would lie in the middle of the playing field at the end of the battle and wait for her kiss. The girl usually had a boyfriend in real life, who would, at the end of the show, beat up the guy who kissed the girl.

The stadium was showing a replay of what happened last night. My friend Jack's girlfriend Jill had been the princess the night before and he was getting interviewed and was saying stuff like it was awesome and that at the end some of his friends had linked together by tying each others socks together and they climbed this nearby mountain.

That was it. It was wild.


whales and a russian

In the beginning there was this crazy athletic guy. He was Russian and he was incredibly strong. He also had no legs and was wearing what gymnasts usually wear but the legs were tied off. He was going around this place doing incredible things.

Then I actually looked up at the place I was in. I was in water in this giant pool. In this indoor pool there were four massive whales swimming about. It was so beautiful and just so astounding.

The next part I remember I was on the freeway with my dad. We were going to his house and he was telling me about that pool with the whales and how he used to live there. I was asking him if he still had the property and he said he did but the whales were gone and everything had dried up and it wasn't anything special anymore.