I was with Harry Potter and three other girls. We found this house, opened up the window and saw that the only thing inside was a dollhouse. Then we heard a noise and realized what it really was; well, Harry, one of the other girls, and I knew. The girl with a red ribbon in her hair didn’t and so she was taken. There was this doll with green eyes that would take you, and probably kill you, if you looked at her. When she came we all crouched low to the floor and covered our eyes. When the girl was gone Harry looked too soon and the doll was still there. She started to take him by means of this rope/whip thing she had. But I became brave and I grabbed onto the rope, pulled her into this piece of cloth, and chucked her into this lake was next to us. The mass skipped a few times before it was swallowed up by a frog, who then flew away.

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