ellen page the sewer monster

The setting was this deserted kind of carnival and by this fun house there was a woman who was being wooed by some mysterious voice. For some reason this voice was Adam Sandler. The woman some how found out that the voice was coming from this manhole and she was disgusted. She started calling for help and John Cleese was pretending to help her but instead grabbed her and threw her down the manhole.

I started to feel real claustrophobic in my dream at this point.

The woman, Nicole Kidman, landed in this sewer sludge and there was Ellen Page. She was the one who was trying to get Nicole to come down to the sewer. It turned out that Ellen wanted to marry a surface girl because her mother was forcing her to so she could continue the family line without having mostly mutated children. Her Mother->
Seriously this was her.

I was then looking through the eyes of the frightened bride to be. The first "person" I saw was this incredibly fat man. He asked Ellen if she could turn on his TV for him. He gave her this flash drive which had all the channels in it. She plugged it into the TV and he started changing the channels with his mind. Every body in the sewers were monstrous but had some sort of amazing powers.

Then I was somebody else, maybe myself, I'm not too sure. I was running through the wedding. It hadn't started yet and everybody was crowding and trying to find their seats. It seemed like we were above ground because there was light and a sky but it felt different, like it was fake or something. The whole place looked like it was above ground because there were hills and flowers and wind and heat.

I ran up this hill and I was looking for the bride. She wasn't Nicole Kidman any more. She was just a blond, she kind of looked like Cloe Sevigny. I ran past the whole wedding party. They were all wearing really light and flowing looking peasant dresses and they were all white, the people and the dresses. And they all had little yellow flowers in their hair that they had got from the hillside.

I ran up the hill to the reluctant bride and her groom (Ellen). They were going to run away from their confined lives in the sewer. I was with them but I don't think I was a person I think I was just watching them climb this hill. They were passing by this man's farm and what he grew was butter.

There were packets of butter growing from the side of this cliff. Then I woke up.


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