wicked fur

So bizarre

There were men who were shaped like bowling pins. They were arguing over something and they were dirty cops I just knew it.

I was a man who looked like a mime without a painted face and I hummed.

I was in a preschool/clothing store. I was looking for a guy. I found one but he was too tall.

I was an animal, with pieces of fur from another animal, laying them on dead, stuffed animals. I was very remorseful. Later I came back as a human. I was some sort of detective and I was trying to relocate the pieces of the animal. I needed to find them and leave town.

I was also looking for some shoes to wear. I found a small pair of some black ballet flats and the rest of the shoes were red high heels that I knew hurt my feet because they were always so tight.

That’s from waking up too much. But at least I was continuing my dream every time I fell back asleep.

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