The first one ended like this:
There were these two people in old fashioned diving suits. They were scientists. One was a man and one was a woman. They were both in these reinforced glass tanks.
There was another scientist who was outside of the tank. He looked like the typical scientist: glasses, lab coat, frazzled hair, mad look in his eyes, weird voice.

Some how a crow got into one of the glass chambers, the one with the man in it. He killed it and its blood was everywhere. The scientist who was outside didn't know there was a crow inside of the chamber until the other one told him. He started to freak out.

The mad scientist got this axe that firefighters use and started whacking at the glass. He kept on raving about how the crow's blood could have been the cure. There must have been some detrimental disease going on. The other two scientists kept on yelling at him not to break it because either he would die from whatever was in those chambers, or they would die, I don't really know. END

The second one ended like this:
There was a tiny dam and me and some other people had broken it. Then I was taken by the water and into this desert.

The desert was so dry that the ground drank up all of the water in a second. I soon found myself walking back with no shoes to where ever I came from. I was walking back with this stranger, but I knew him and we were together. We stopped at this pile of things. I thought there would be food so I crouched down and started gathering things. All I found were tick tacks and a bunch of old papers of mine.

I kept looking through the junk and the guy left me there. END

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