missing children

I’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds.

There were all these kids that were going missing. I thought I could find them by tracing them back to who I thought to be the killer. The killer was my uncle but he wasn’t really my uncle. My cousin feared for our lives because we were so close to him and I was so close to the description of the children who were going missing. I decided I was going to follow him. But then I couldn’t find my cousin. I knew he had taken her but I didn’t know where.

I was in this mall and there was this water slide. But of course this is a slide in my dream which means it doesn’t lead to where it should. I found my self in this balloon like submarine. But I wasn’t me I was my cousin. I was in her head. I saw sharks and then we submerged to this place under the water. My cousin could breathe under water and she was asking my uncle why he was doing what he was doing.

There were a bunch of bags floating all over the water. They had the heads of the kids that were missing. He took their bodies and tried to use them as his own because he had an octopus body and he wanted to be able to have a human body. It had to be a young body so it would live longer than an older body.

I don’t remember what happened after that. It was so weird..

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  1. the beginning kind of reminds me of a book i once read about a guy who had dreams about murders that were going to happen and he could also see dead people and stuff