a strange way out

I was in a house looking for something…as usual.

Oh! I was looking for a way out. The house seemed haunted. I checked all the doors and then I checked them a second time; plain old doors, closet doors, cupboard doors even. The day seemed to disappear and the house became dark. I drifted towards a room with a faint light coming from it. My mother was in that room, lying on the bed, and reading, as usual.

She said to me, “Check that one,” without looking up from her book. There were many to check, but I knew exactly which one she was talking about. It was small door or I had grown bigger for it was a bit difficult to squeeze through. I had a flashlight in hand and I turned it on, discovering that even though the door was very small, the room it concealed was not. This room, unlike the one I had just came from, had high ceilings and dark wooden floors. On the floor I found two miniature figurines of what seemed to be rabbits.

Then someone hit the lights, but these weren’t house lights, they were stage lights. I was on a stage that had these wings where darkness seemed to go on forever. Then my cousin was there, thanked me for finding her shoe the figurines turned into a shoe in my hand, and proceeded to tell me how she wished she was married and had children.

Then, all of a sudden, there was this girl with blood on her face. She was evil and dangerous so I took my cousin’s stiletto and started to stab the girl with it. She seemed to be unscathed and growing angry. Then we were somewhere else. The girl was strapped in a chair and I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She had to be destroyed so I dismembered her and decapitated her.

Even though she was so cold, she seemed to be so alive. And even though all the noises she made were animalistic, she seemed to have a voice and I could hear it in my head when she looked at me with her green eyes.

Then I felt strong hands on my arms. They were my father’s come to take me away. He held onto me and pushed me all the way out of the house. It seemed to be an old house based on the furniture, and yet there was pink carpet everywhere, and we were dressed in 1900 clothing. But the strangest thing happened when I looked into a mirror as we passed it by. I saw myself but I could not see my father’s reflection. I felt his hands still pushing me, saw his feet when I looked down at the floor, but he vanished when I looked in the mirror and saw myself floating there.

Stranger things have happened?

Wings: The unseen backstage area on either side of the stage of a proscenium theater

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