no words

I was in my Hacienda house again. I was with a group of people, teenagers and children. We were laughing in the daylight, then someone gasped and our attention was drawn to the door. There was someone there with a mask on. It had a female body, but it did not seem human. It had a mask on, a deer mask. It seemed so harmless, but I knew it was so full of danger.

Everything turned quiet. No one laughed, whispered, dared to breathe.

Then I ran.

I left the others behind. I knew they would be fine, I knew it was only after me.

So I ran.

I ran to my room in the northeast corner of the house. I locked the door behind me with sweaty fingertips, so scared I wouldn’t be able to turn the lock. Then I backed away and waited and listened. My eyes were locked on the doorknob and then it moved. The thing was going to get in somehow. Somehow I could see it behind the door silently fiddling with this minor obstacle.

I looked around the room and saw my escape. The window to my freedom conveniently had the screen already removed. I jumped out and knew it would soon open the door and figure I went out the window. I ran around the house, back to the front door, and into the kitchen. I grabbed several knives from the drawer and handed them to my young comrades.

I had a blue knife. It seemed so weak like it was made out of foil because it crumpled up in my hand. But when the thing came around and back through the front door, the knife did not fail me.

Her skin felt like fur. She fell to the floor and all was silent again.


  1. you are a great writer.. and have a wonderful blog! :) i love it.

  2. I love your header, it's really lovely and suits your blog template. :)

    The Cat Hag