glass and gravel

I was on this enormous bridge. It had been damaged as if there had been an earthquake or something. There were holes, broken cables, glass, and gravel everywhere. I was running on it because I had to get to the end to get something. Then it seems like my niece comes out of nowhere. When she appears she falls into one of the cracks of the bridge and I reach out to grab her. While I’m holding onto her, she screams and cries out to me. I’m holding onto her and I look down to see the dark sloshing waters below. I finally pull her up to safety and carry her the rest of the way. At the end of the bridge there is a firehouse. When we get there the lights are all on and there sounds like there are people there, but no one is really there. I bandage my feet because they are bleeding. I had been running barefoot along the bridge of broken glass and gravel. In the end we are wrapped in blankets, seemingly surrounded by people but we’re really just outside of a firehouse at the end of a broken bridge

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