Lately, when funhouses or things that are related to childhood, are involved in my dreams, they usually end up dangerous. The same goes with this dream. I was at some sort of museum where there were these interactive robots {like in those pioneer towns, in the saloons and what not}. A lot of the exhibits were fun to look at {but I admit I don’t remember them}. Then I was walking along with the other kids when we passed by this red curtain, like the ones for theatres. I deviated from the group to go behind the red curtain, to find an exhibit on Dracula. I enjoyed it at first with its campy atmosphere and haunted carnival ride music, but then things started to get unnerving. The mechanical Dracula started to stare at me, and then it started to come after me at an alarming rate. I seemed to have gone into several rooms because I was having trouble finding my way back. There were green curtains that I didn’t remember going through and then I saw the red curtain. I ran through them, not daring to look back and found that all the kids I was with were gone and one of my good friends was there. As if I didn’t think I was going to die a minute ago, I told my friend that it was just little scary and he told me he felt the same. It’s like nothing happened.

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