More in the beginning there was a man, a blue truck, and I. We found a squirrel and named it Lucifer but there was no connection to the devil, it was a tame squirrel. It was just the squirrel’s name.

Then somewhere along the path of this dream I ran into Lulu bird and she was playing with the squirrel.

Then at one point I was back at school, back at the dorms, sort of. Then I ran into Jazmine and it was really nice to see her. I told her that in another dream we met up and she didn’t care, but this time she was really excited. And I liked that.

Her hair was nice and soft. She was riding this moped and she said I could ride it with her but I really couldn’t. There wasn’t enough room and I had too much stuff. It was raining and we were going down hill.

We were going to her friend’s house somewhere near by. That’s why she was there. We got to the entrance of this place. To get in you had to crawl under this grate. It was real hidden, and there was a more convenient entrance somewhere else, but we didn’t know about it.

Her friend wasn’t home, her shirtless tattooed brother told us. He had an apartment a few steps up. He seemed real rude. He had the same name as hers but a boy version. I forget what it was but it started with an A. and their last name was Piccadilly.

He went back to his apartment but left the door open. There was somebody else there, some psychobilly chick. She started to talk to us and play with Lucifer, the squirrel. Then the brother walked back in the room and was all “what the fuck are you guys doing here? Is that a squirrel? Get out!” What rude character.

I kept on feeling this weird tingling on my back that was seriously annoying me. I turned out to be the vibrating alarm clock on my phone…ugh I woke up late, but glad I woke up.


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