I was on some sort of island. It was strange though because the water was cold and it felt like we were in some sort of cave but the sky was open to us. It felt like a cave because there were walls of rock all around us. Some of the rocks looked like bones of giant creatures I never knew of. I was there with people I knew to be my family but the only people who really were my family was my mom and my niece.

The nice part was the fact that my niece was a baby again. The bad part was that there was a shark in the water that wanted to eat her.

The shark could walk on land, but when it did it couldn’t attack. It could only do so in the water, which was steadily rising. I grabbed my niece from my mom and started bouncing on the shark because it was really rubbery. I was trying to see where we could escape. On one side there was the wall of rock, or giant animal skulls. And on the other side I could see a lighthouse in the distance. Both ways seemed perilous, ominous, and devious.

But then I can’t remember the rest.

First of all these were my friends that were in my dream: JP, TB, CS, MJ, JE, and DS

We were all in this oval room where one side of the room rose up like in the Rocky Horror Picture Show except the room was white, not pink, and it was empty, save for us.

JE got this larger than normal dry erase marker, which I remember hating the smell. Then he started drawing funny things on the rest of us, except he was sitting across the room next to MJ. It felt like it was digital, but cartoonish at the same time. What he was drawing showed up on our faces or above our heads. It’s really hard to explain.

So then all of us started drawing on each other. I was sitting next to CS and we were drawing on JE and MJ. I drew rabbit ears on JE and CS drew a too fitting, white top hat on MJ. It was real fun but the smell was bugging me.

Then I don’t remember but we all became very cartoonish, where we could stretch our bodies and stuff like that. And then there were cakes. I couldn’t explain where they came from. Then behind this curtain there came this robot made out of ice cream. The ice cream was chewy, though. I started to eat it and I could hear it dying like when you have a toy that plays a song and when the batteries start to die the song gets deeper in tone and the tune stretches out longer.

Everything was delicious and I think the floor was made out of candy, too.

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