david and the albino thieves

There was a bank robbery going on. David was part of it, as were these two albino looking people. I wasn’t in on it, but I was watching the entire scene unfold. They broke in, and David took the money to another location. Then the female albino said to the male albino, “What about the diamonds?” So he went back for them. The safe that they were held in was a giant room with a bed and everything. It was cooler in that room than the other side of the giant golden door of the safe. The female kept watch, while the male ascended the marble stairs, up to the nightstand that upheld the diamonds. There were six different colored diamonds, they were the size of peas, and yet they were very heavy. The male threw them in an ornate pillbox. Then he started grabbing other things from the safe, which cost him in the end. It turned out that David was an undercover agent of some sort and he stopped the albino thieves from succeeding.

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