I had such an amazing/intensely vivid/sad dream. I was at this restaurant hotel place with my mom and we were at this sushi bar. My dream involved a lot of Japanese things. At the bar there were these very harsh and stern Japanese men. One was grey haired and older looking and he was the other guy’s bodyguard. They were always looking around for something and they had this bright pink balloon/floaty squid with large bubbly eyes. Before, in some other life, I had watched this anime series that was made like those Miyazaki movies about this creature that was trying to go home. It looked like at would be a pokemon but it also looked like that dragon on How to Train Your Dragon. It was depicted as really fast and shy. I don’t think it ever got home. Then I was in this lobby reading this children’s book about the same creature but it was the beginning of the story that I read but I didn’t get to finish it. Then we were on the beach. The water was incredibly blue and warm but it didn’t feel wet like water should. Somehow I found out that those stern Japanese men were looking for the creature and they were looking for it out on the beach. I was just a child in my dream. I stole their squid balloon and started hopping around and flying all over the beach and on the water calling out “Mikakai-a!” I seemed to be the only one in the water. The clouds were very close to the surface of the water so when I would bound up I would pass through them. I was going up and down the entire beach, screaming what I thought to be the creature’s name. Then my mom caught my attention by calling out to me. I started to get tousled by the waves, going under, but it didn’t feel like water should. I remember thinking in my head “Mom, please help me. I don’t like this very much” in a really calm but childishly sad voice. I finally tumbled over to her with my squid floaty and those two men were there. I don’t know how, but I found out that they were looking for the other man’s son and that was his name I was calling out. The boy was taken by the creature and they were always looking for him. The father looked so broken. Later I was with my mom and told her we had to go on journey to try and find the creature and the boy. She was reading about it and told me it was the Egyptian god of the dead but it wasn’t called Osiris it was something else. It was supposed to be terrible unlike what the anime and children’s stories had revealed about it. I told my mom we had to find the boy because I was so sad that he was taken. I was so sad in my dream the way a child can feel so sad. I could feel the lump in my throat and feel my eyes welling up with tears. I don’t know what ever happened after that. I guess we never found the boy so it makes sense that I’m still sad.

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  1. Hi Emily! It's Alex Lee.
    wow, that's such an intense dream.